Pack it in!

I have been overhearing the People Thingys talking about something that they will be doing this Sunday 23 December. There will a little group of them at Waitrose (?!) in Weston-super-Mare (my neck of the woods!!!) packing bags at the tils. I’m not sure what this means but I know that they’re doing it to […]

Big Sleeps

Morning eveyone Wow it’s looking really cold out in the Big World…I hope you are all wrapping yourselves up. We had another new little hog in yesterday from my neck of the woods – he was far too tiny to hibernate and so he was brought into Prickles for safety. I think they’ll be okay….so […]

Thank you, Millie!

Just a brief little note to say thank you to Millie, one of the volunteer People Thingys here at Prickles who organised a solo little jog around Weston-super-Mare today to raise some money for the centre. She went a total of 2.5 miles (that seems a very long way) and all the money that she […]

Run, Millie, Run!

I have just heard in the Hogspital that one of the People Thingys that helps here is doing a sponsored run tomorrow to raise money for us. Wow! And she’s only little, too. She’s going to be running in my neck of the woods, Weston-super-Mare, and it sounds like she’s going to be going a […]


We have two new little hogs that arrived yesterday…what with little Urchin appearing (and quicky disappearing under her fleece!) and these two, my little head’s in a tizz! Luna and Twilight came into Prickles from Weston-super-Mare…I did wonder if I might have known them but I hear that it’s a big place – and they […]

Feeling ticked off

The two little ones from Axbridge that came in yesterday, Chestnut and Conker, were reunited with their sister Flossie today. Jules and Cate put her in their crate thinking that they’d be pleased to see each other – they turned their spines on her. How mean. I didn’t understand what was wrong. And then one […]

The Crisp Packet

It was a funny old thing, that crisp packet….it looked and smelt so inviting but it wasn’t very big and it definitely wasn’t very warm.  My Mummy had taught me to make sure I found somewhere safe and warm to cozy up in before my big sleep.  And so there I was, on Oxton Road […]