Good Morning

Good morning everyone I hope you are all nice and warm….one of the People Thingys was saying that it wasn’t as cold as yesterday; it still looks chilly out there in the Big World. I was thinking about making myself a little stocking to hang outside my crate but then I got to thinking that […]


Pinny joined our little Hogspital last month and has been doing really well. She’s quite funny and wanted me to say hello as shes been quite shy up until the last few days.  I know the People Thingys that brought her in will be glad to know she’s okay and settling in well. Hope everyone […]

More Hogs for Christmas

Morning all Crumbs it looks cold out there in the Big World this morning….everything looks really white.  It looks really nice to look at but I’m not sure I would enjoy being awake in it.  I’m really glad to be inside the Hogspital. Wait for it – nine more hogs came in yesterday.  I don’t […]


Us hogs here at Prickles are starting to feel excited about Christmas….news of the royal baby got us all a little giggly, but so has Christmas, too. What would we like as a Christmas present?  I fancy another fleecy blanket because I like being all cosy and warm.  I think Horace and Eddy would like […]

New chums

We had six new little hogs into the centre yesterday, one of whom was so cold and poorly that sadly it died…..I’m still feeling really sad about it and I know my chums here are a little down. However, we do have another 5 hogs to chat to and I will put up a little […]

What a Star….

And no, I’m not writing about myself!!! We have a new little hog into Prickles from Portishead…that’s not far up the road from my stomping ground according to one of the People Thingys. She is called Star.  She wasn’t very well at all when she arrived and I confess to being very worried about her. […]

Wrapping up warm

Eddy and me, we’ve had a silly chat this afternoon about how People Thingys seem to wrap themselves up in lots of things to keep them warm. We wondered how us hogs would be able to do the same…we even tried tugging our fleecy blankets over our backs…silly spines got a bit in the way […]