Big Sleeps

Morning eveyone Wow it’s looking really cold out in the Big World…I hope you are all wrapping yourselves up. We had another new little hog in yesterday from my neck of the woods – he was far too tiny to hibernate and so he was brought into Prickles for safety. I think they’ll be okay….so […]

It’s a small world…

Before I curl up and try to get some sleep I thought I would tell you about the various places in the Big World that are reading my stories. Lithuania has the most People Thingys reading my stories – thank you!  This is then followed by the Russian Federation.  Wow – what a long word. […]

No milk for me

Hello everyone I hope all my wonderful People Thingy followers are a little bit drier this morning.  It was so soggy yesterday – we couldn’t understand how much water could come from the Upstairs. I wanted to remind you of something.  Lots of lovely People Thingys put bread and milk out for hogs in their grassy places and […]