The Quick Brown Fox….

Morning everyone Through heavy eyelids I have been very busy (and tried to be very patient, too!) teaching some of my chums here at Prickles to type. I must have been a very clever little hog because I picked it up really quickly….the others, however, seem to be taking a little longer in getting used […]

Counting mealworms

Hello everyone You’ve probably all been wondering what I have been up to all day….my little paws haven’t been tapping away very much. I will let you into a secret; I have been counting mealworms. One of the People Thingys gave me extra portions this morning for my breakfast and I enjoyed my cat meat […]

It’s not her….it’s me!

I overheard some of the People Thingys this morning talking about Jules, the founder of Prickles, being asked when she was writing my blog…. It’s not her – it’s me! It’s my little paws tap, tap, tapping away on this little computer.  Jules is far too busy to be writing blogs – she has over […]

No milk for me

Hello everyone I hope all my wonderful People Thingy followers are a little bit drier this morning.  It was so soggy yesterday – we couldn’t understand how much water could come from the Upstairs. I wanted to remind you of something.  Lots of lovely People Thingys put bread and milk out for hogs in their grassy places and […]