Feeling hot, hot, hot….!

Good evening all Prickles has just admitted a new hog, a huge girl from Rickford (she’s nearly as big as me!). She had lots of ash all over her and some of her little spines were burnt. I think she must have started her Big Sleep in the left-overs of a People Thingy’s bonfire. She’s […]

Wrapping Up

Good Morning everyone I hope you are all well…not long to go now is it?! Have you all got everything ready for the “Big Day”? There certainly seems to be lots of excitement here at the Hogspital and the People Thingys seem to be talking about a big dinner they will make and presents they […]

Techno Trouble

Being a hog here at Prickles is a wonderful thing…we get to be looked after round the clock by wonderful People Thingys.  A little bit like a Hog Hotel except they give us special things to make us better, so Hogspital is the better way of thinking about it. However, I didn’t think that I […]

Lights, camera, action…..!

I can’t quite believe it…..but guess what?!?! We have the BBC coming to film with us today at Prickles Hedgehog Rescue!  They might even want to talk to me…crumbs.  Should ask someone to get my spines and make-up done… “Points West” have heard so much about the good work that is going on here that […]

Wrapping up warm

Eddy and me, we’ve had a silly chat this afternoon about how People Thingys seem to wrap themselves up in lots of things to keep them warm. We wondered how us hogs would be able to do the same…we even tried tugging our fleecy blankets over our backs…silly spines got a bit in the way […]