Six more…

And the brood of hogs here at Prickles just keeps getting bigger… Another six have arrived today, all before 11.00am, too! Let’s hope we get our new crates soon so that we have somewhere for them to go! Hope your Monday is going well – I’ve been watching the Bright Thing come out in the […]

I’m still here!

Hello everyone I’ve been a little bit slow on the blogging today…so much going on! We have had a further 4 little hogs come into Prickles today. I’m not sure where they’ve been rescued from, but I know that they are really small. I like the really small hogs – they’re great fun and tear […]

Crispian turns Free Range

One of the People Thingys said today that I had gone “Free Range”….the Clucky Things with feathers get to do that I think somewhere…makes them lay better eggys. The People Thingys wanted to let me stretch my little legs for a bit and they put me on the floor of the Hogspital and let me […]