Froomey news..

Morning everyone Can you believe it…  Just after me tip tapping that yesterday was a quiet day here  at Prickles –  what do you know another hog comes in!!! More exciting than that this hog from Frome (yes, yet another one…) knows Froomey!!! Just after he had settled down in his crate and the People […]

Farewell Horace

Stop press….. Drum roll please – I am proud to announce that Horace the Hungry has gone  back to the Big World today!!!! Us hogs knew that some of us would be going  as the People Thingys were preparing lots of special  boxes this morning… It started us chatting about what we are looking forward […]

Hogging all over the Big World…

I’ve been so pleased that my little blog is being so successful – nearly 18,000 hits  now… It makes my spines tingle it’s so exciting!!! Every day there are new visitors from different places out there in the Big World , in just the last two days there have been hits from Australia, New Zealand, […]

New Blog Coming Soon

In Crispian’s absence whilst he hibernates, we would like to remind his faithful followers that a new blog from Prickles Hedgehog Rescue will be launching on 01 January 2013. Please pop onto this new blog: and keep up to date with stories from Prickles, written by Crispian’s chums who have all now learnt how […]

A Big Sleep for Christmas

Hello everyone Well, I couldn’t quite manage a note yesterday because I could barely keep my little eyes open I was sooo tired. Today, the People Thingys seemed very excited when they came in this morning – probably something to do with it being Christmas Eve – and they’ve kept me awake singing songs about […]