To blog or not to blog..

Put my paws up and ended up having a little snooze!! Now where was I…. So we waved off the back to the  Big World hogs, and the People Thingys carried on doing that Spring cleaning thing. A bit later another People Thingy came in with a hog that had been for it’s Big Sleep […]

Holly cat returns

Do you remember Holly cat she lives with the People Thingys next door.. She used to come into Prickles at least twice every day before my Big Sleep.. Well in she strolls at teatime last night like she’s never been away. She still does that funny scrunched up face look – it’s almost like she […]

Broken can be good??

Morning everyone Its easy for a little hog to get confused here at Prickles… I woke up this morning after a lovely snooze was just stretching my little paws when Jules and Cate came in talking about the weather breaking soon… Us hogs pricked up our ears – all of the People Thingys have been […]

Falling asleep on the job

I thought I’d update you on a couple of my chums from Prickles that you might remember from before my Big Sleep. With so many hogs here now it’s been tricky trying to speak to everyone  – it can get really noisy when all the People Thingys aren’t around and everyone’s chatting. Also we don’t […]

A Big Fat Sleep

Did you know that for us hogs to be able to go and get our Big Sleep for the winter (I think you People Thingys call it hibernation) we need to be a certain weight.  That means that we have to keep eating until we get to about 650gms.  That’s just over half a bag […]