Big Sleeps

Morning eveyone Wow it’s looking really cold out in the Big World…I hope you are all wrapping yourselves up. We had another new little hog in yesterday from my neck of the woods – he was far too tiny to hibernate and so he was brought into Prickles for safety. I think they’ll be okay….so […]

One Woof and it’s Winnie

On a brighter note, we had another arrival today, this time from Wincanton, who is doing okay. She’s called Winnie and the early signs are that she’s likely to give Horace a run for his mealworms – she never stops eating! Even when Jules and her People Thingys were giving her special things to make […]

Holly Cat

I suppose we should be frightened of cats. Certainly in the Big World, us hogs keep ourselves very much to ourselves;  we just do “hog stuff” and if a cat is around when we’re out and about, we keep a healthy distance.  They won’t ever hurt us, though.  If they do come close and we […]