Froomey news..

Morning everyone Can you believe it…  Just after me tip tapping that yesterday was a quiet day here  at Prickles –  what do you know another hog comes in!!! More exciting than that this hog from Frome (yes, yet another one…) knows Froomey!!! Just after he had settled down in his crate and the People […]

Farewell Froomey..

It’s official old lady Froomey has now left the building!!!! Us hogs all stood spines to attention to watch her go into her special Big World box. We wanted to show our hoggie respect to our resident escapologist I think she was secretly chuffed… I have to say there were several People Things watching her […]

Big Appeal!!!

There has been lots of People Thingys chatting about something called the Prickles Big Appeal and at last I’ve finally found out what it is…. This is sooo exciting!!! As you know Prickles has helped so many of us hogs. They’ve rescued us when we’re poorly, helped us to get better and then let us […]