What hogs like…

I’ve just overheard a couple of People Thingys talking about what other People Thingys should feed us hogs when we’re in the Big World and I thought I should pass it on.. Please don’t ever put milk and bread out for us – we will eat it, (they don’t call us hogs for nothing) but […]

Sometimes….it’s sad

Sometimes at Prickles…things are sad. We had a hog come in the other day and they didn’t stay with us long. It died. We were all really sad. We also had another little hog who just couldn’t stop coughing – that’s probably one of the reasons I am still awake….I know they couldn’t help it […]

We’re not pets

Dear People Thingys We have had a new little hog come into Prickles yesterday….it’s ever so sweet and I think in time I will be able to be really good chums with it. However, it wasn’t looked after properly and it’s now really poorly. Sometimes when you find us out and about, you want to […]

New chums

We had six new little hogs into the centre yesterday, one of whom was so cold and poorly that sadly it died…..I’m still feeling really sad about it and I know my chums here are a little down. However, we do have another 5 hogs to chat to and I will put up a little […]

Linking Hog

I have been so excited by some places on the computer today that have written nice things about Prickles Hedgehog Rescue – and about me! – that I thought I would tell you about them. Cheddar Valley Gazette have written about a horrible case of children locally in Axbridge using us hogs as little footballs. […]