A new chum

Morning everyone We had a new hog arrive yesterday from Locking called Daisy. Daisy was brought in by one of the People Thingys from their garden because she was heard coughing really loudly from her hog box. You should hear her poor girl.. Charlie from up above was having a right moan earlier because she […]

Big Appeal!!!

There has been lots of People Thingys chatting about something called the Prickles Big Appeal and at last I’ve finally found out what it is…. This is sooo exciting!!! As you know Prickles has helped so many of us hogs. They’ve rescued us when we’re poorly, helped us to get better and then let us […]


Hello everyone. I’m really sorry that I’ve not been on the blog very much this evening but I have been very busy trying to make new friends…I think I’ve confused Lola because she thinks that I already have lots of friends.  She doesn’t understand my new way of life sending little stories out on this computer…and […]

Mr Popularity

Morning everyone, Being a little hog, we don’t really understand numbers.  I know that People Thingys can become really happy at numbers, though.  I’ve watched some of them getting very excited this morning in the hogspital.  They were saying that my little stories on the computer had 559 visitors yesterday.  I think that’s quite good. […]

Feeling ticked off

The two little ones from Axbridge that came in yesterday, Chestnut and Conker, were reunited with their sister Flossie today. Jules and Cate put her in their crate thinking that they’d be pleased to see each other – they turned their spines on her. How mean. I didn’t understand what was wrong. And then one […]