Spring clean

Sorry I’ve been a bit slow tip tapping today Prickles has been really busy, it’s been a bit hard to concentrate.. The People Thingys have been having what they called a Spring clean (?) which involved putting this sticky stuff on the walls of the Mummy room – it looks lovely and bright now! They […]

A nice surprise…

You might be wondering why I’ve not been tip tapping much well I’ve just got to tell you why… There I was this morning having a big stretch after a lovely snooze when I spotted a couple of yummy chicken cat biscuits ¬†under my water bowl – so I just knew that this was going […]

Broken can be good??

Morning everyone Its easy for a little hog to get confused here at Prickles… I woke up this morning after a lovely snooze was just stretching my little paws when Jules and Cate came in talking about the weather breaking soon… Us hogs pricked up our ears – all of the People Thingys have been […]

A lucky escape

I’ve been chatting to another new chum today called Joe, he’s from Axbridge. Poor Joe came in a couple of nights ago really late. He was in a terrible state and had to be taken straight to the Hoggie Healers (I think Jules calls them Langford vets?? – she says they are amazing!) Joe told […]