Counting mealworms

Hello everyone You’ve probably all been wondering what I have been up to all day….my little paws haven’t been tapping away very much. I will let you into a secret; I have been counting mealworms. One of the People Thingys gave me extra portions this morning for my breakfast and I enjoyed my cat meat […]

Tiny Babies

Ahhhh – I never get tired of meeting new little hogs, especially really tiny ones! Ickle and Tickle have arrived into Prickles from Frome.  They are really small – I could have missed them in their crates had it not been for them tearing around.  They’re really funny and move really fast!  I think they’re […]

Shuffle round

Just a little note to say things are being shuffled around here in the Hogspital…crates being moved, shelves re-positioned…I wonder what’s going on? Eddy was moaning that it was proving tricky for him to sleep and I told him that it was exciting….I think something’s happening….but what?! Watch this space! Catch you again soon. Love […]

Rain, rain go away

Lots of People Thingys are arriving this morning looking just like Holly Cat does when she’s been out in the Big World when it rains: soggy and fed up! I have been watching the water come down from the Upstairs all morning.  I could hear it all night as well, which was really good because […]