What hogs like…

I’ve just overheard a couple of People Thingys talking about what other People Thingys should feed us hogs when we’re in the Big World and I thought I should pass it on.. Please don’t ever put milk and bread out for us – we will eat it, (they don’t call us hogs for nothing) but […]

Yes and no

Lola has just suggested that I give out a little bit of advice…try and help People Thingys to do the right thing for us hogs. She liked the post I put up earlier about the bread and milk….I suppose I could pass on a few more top tips.  Let me know if you think they’re […]

No milk for me

Hello everyone I hope all my wonderful People Thingy followers are a little bit drier this morning.  It was so soggy yesterday – we couldn’t understand how much water could come from the Upstairs. I wanted to remind you of something.  Lots of lovely People Thingys put bread and milk out for hogs in their grassy places and […]

Chums galore

I can’t keep track of all the new chums I’m making…two new little hogs came in yesterday from Axbridge. They are really, really small bless them….need plenty of special formula hog milk I think. And then there’s Ringo. He made all the gang from Frome smile when he arrived yesterday because he’s from their neck […]