Houdini hog…

Morning everyone Amidst all of the People Thingys doing their Spring clean yesterday we had some more of the Big Sleep hogs come back into Prickles from the special outside place.They are always quite sleepy when they first come in so it can take a little time for them to get settled and start chatting. […]

Spring clean

Sorry I’ve been a bit slow tip tapping today Prickles has been really busy, it’s been a bit hard to concentrate.. The People Thingys have been having what they called a Spring clean (?) which involved putting this sticky stuff on the walls of the Mummy room – it looks lovely and bright now! They […]

Farewell Horace

Stop press….. Drum roll please – I am proud to announce that Horace the Hungry has gone  back to the Big World today!!!! Us hogs knew that some of us would be going  as the People Thingys were preparing lots of special  boxes this morning… It started us chatting about what we are looking forward […]


Well you might be asking yourself what I’ve been doing today to be too busy to be tip tapping away….. I have to confess me and my chums have been having a nest building competition!!!! I mentioned before about the brilliant new papery  stuff  that goes in our crates,  a hog can (and we do) […]

What does it all mean?

I’ve not been tip tapping much I’ve been really busy – me and some chums have been trying to solve a little mystery that’s been puzzling us… Lots of things are different since I’ve been back at Prickles – lots more hogs, new People Thingys and our brilliant papery bedding to name a few.. Another […]

Hoggie Easter

Hello everyone, Us hogs have been really confused this morning it has been very odd…. Firstly Jules and Cate came into Prickles really early and were fiddling about with the round number thing on the wall saying something about springing forward???Then some People  Thingys came in to clean out our crates, and as they were […]

Falling asleep on the job

I thought I’d update you on a couple of my chums from Prickles that you might remember from before my Big Sleep. With so many hogs here now it’s been tricky trying to speak to everyone  – it can get really noisy when all the People Thingys aren’t around and everyone’s chatting. Also we don’t […]