I’m still here!

Hello everyone I’ve been a little bit slow on the blogging today…so much going on! We have had a further 4 little hogs come into Prickles today. I’m not sure where they’ve been rescued from, but I know that they are really small. I like the really small hogs – they’re great fun and tear […]


Hello everyone. I’m really sorry that I’ve not been on the blog very much this evening but I have been very busy trying to make new friends…I think I’ve confused Lola because she thinks that I already have lots of friends.  She doesn’t understand my new way of life sending little stories out on this computer…and […]

The Singing Hog

Remember I told you about the escapee from her crate the other day? It was, of course, all Fromey’s fault, but I didn’t really tell you much about the Great Escapee in any detail.  She’s lovely. I really like Lola.  She’s a very happy hog.  Don’t think for one minute that all hogs are happy.  […]