A lucky escape

I’ve been chatting to another new chum today called Joe, he’s from Axbridge. Poor Joe came in a couple of nights ago really late. He was in a terrible state and had to be taken straight to the Hoggie Healers (I think Jules calls them Langford vets?? – she says they are amazing!) Joe told […]

Sometimes….it’s sad

Sometimes at Prickles…things are sad. We had a hog come in the other day and they didn’t stay with us long. It died. We were all really sad. We also had another little hog who just couldn’t stop coughing – that’s probably one of the reasons I am still awake….I know they couldn’t help it […]

Thank you, Millie!

Just a brief little note to say thank you to Millie, one of the volunteer People Thingys here at Prickles who organised a solo little jog around Weston-super-Mare today to raise some money for the centre. She went a total of 2.5 miles (that seems a very long way) and all the money that she […]

Run, Millie, Run!

I have just heard in the Hogspital that one of the People Thingys that helps here is doing a sponsored run tomorrow to raise money for us. Wow! And she’s only little, too. She’s going to be running in my neck of the woods, Weston-super-Mare, and it sounds like she’s going to be going a […]

I’m still here!

Hello everyone I’ve been a little bit slow on the blogging today…so much going on! We have had a further 4 little hogs come into Prickles today. I’m not sure where they’ve been rescued from, but I know that they are really small. I like the really small hogs – they’re great fun and tear […]

Facebook Followers!

Wow – I’ve just seen that I have 400 followers now on Facebook….that’s really exciting! Not sure I can get my little head down now I’m so chuffed! Please keep sharing my little blog with as many of your little friends as possible – I’d really like more and more People Thingys to know about […]