Farewell Horace

Stop press….. Drum roll please – I am proud to announce that Horace the Hungry has gone  back to the Big World today!!!! Us hogs knew that some of us would be going  as the People Thingys were preparing lots of special  boxes this morning… It started us chatting about what we are looking forward […]

Smile please..

Morning everyone I just had to show you this snap… Last night me and a couple of chums were talking about how noisy some of the other hogs are when they are munching on the yummy cat biscuits and mealworms that we have for tea  (Horace being the loudest of course!!) It’s sooo loud sometimes.. […]

Over 16,000 hits

Us hogs at Prickles  have had such a good day today making up our hoggie giggles, it’s been so much fun. Poor Polly from Frome was laughing so hard she inhaled her dinner – we were all rolling around our crates when she started sneezing. Those mealworms went everywhere… she was so embarrassed!!! I’m a […]

Hoggie Easter

Hello everyone, Us hogs have been really confused this morning it has been very odd…. Firstly Jules and Cate came into Prickles really early and were fiddling about with the round number thing on the wall saying something about springing forward???Then some People  Thingys came in to clean out our crates, and as they were […]


I wanted to introduce you to one of my chums here at Prickles – People Thingys, I present to you: Horace, the super-mealworm-loving wonder hog with his crate buddy, Eddy. But let’s not tell him I said that….he might get big headed! These two are very naughty, very cheeky and permanently hungry….!!