Hogging all over the Big World…

I’ve been so pleased that my little blog is being so successful – nearly 18,000 hits  now… It makes my spines tingle it’s so exciting!!! Every day there are new visitors from different places out there in the Big World , in just the last two days there have been hits from Australia, New Zealand, […]


I have just quickly looked at how many People Thingys have been looking at my little blog – 11,334 hits so far! Crumbs….that’s a lot of times that People Thingys have visited to read my stories. I really hope that perhaps some of these kind People Thingys will donate to Prickles and help them care […]

Hogs get heaps of blog-hits

I just wanted to say to everyone in my loudest little voice:  I’ve had over 10,000 hits on my little blog!! I’m so excited I could burst – nearly as excited as seeing the 100 packets of cat meat that arrived this morning!  I hear mealworms are on their way too….we are so lucky here. […]