All quiet on the up above front…

Another three hogs went back to the Big World today… Much to Alvin’s (and if I’m really honest most of us hogs) relief Charlie from up above was one of the three!! I know it sounds a bit mean and I don’t know if it’s the same with People Thingys but when a hogs moaning […]

Mini hogs soon??

Morning everyone Crumbs… Prickles is very bright in the mornings with the new white sticky stuff on the walls!! The People Thingys came in last night chatting about mini hogs starting to come in soon. They were saying that sometimes nests get disturbed or Mummy hog gets hurt and the mini hogs don’t live very […]

To blog or not to blog..

Put my paws up and ended up having a little snooze!! Now where was I…. So we waved off the back to theĀ  Big World hogs, and the People Thingys carried on doing that Spring cleaning thing. A bit later another People Thingy came in with a hog that had been for it’s Big Sleep […]