Dancing hogs

There’s another great thing about the brilliant papery stuff in our crates that’s just had us hogs rolling about with the giggles this morning!! Well, I’ve got to tell you when the People Thingys are cleaning out our crates every morning the clean papery stuff just goes everywhere… Sometimes you can barely see the floor when […]

April fools

All of the People Thingys have been in a funny mood this morning… They keep playing little tricks on each other and then shouting April Fool!! I think it’s like hoggie giggles, it’s got me thinking about my old chum Alvin – he really was a silly hog. Horace says he’s out in a special […]

Counting mealworms

Hello everyone You’ve probably all been wondering what I have been up to all day….my little paws haven’t been tapping away very much. I will let you into a secret; I have been counting mealworms. One of the People Thingys gave me extra portions this morning for my breakfast and I enjoyed my cat meat […]

Big Sleeps

Morning eveyone Wow it’s looking really cold out in the Big World…I hope you are all wrapping yourselves up. We had another new little hog in yesterday from my neck of the woods – he was far too tiny to hibernate and so he was brought into Prickles for safety. I think they’ll be okay….so […]

More Giggles

Alvin has been doing his best to raise our little spirits this morning.  He’s asked me to tell you his latest Giggle, given that cold weather is on its way: – What do you get if you cross a hedgehog with a sheep? – an animal that knits its own sweaters! (don’t encourage him!!) Now […]

A Big Fat Sleep

Did you know that for us hogs to be able to go and get our Big Sleep for the winter (I think you People Thingys call it hibernation) we need to be a certain weight.  That means that we have to keep eating until we get to about 650gms.  That’s just over half a bag […]