It’s not her….it’s me!

I overheard some of the People Thingys this morning talking about Jules, the founder of Prickles, being asked when she was writing my blog…. It’s not her – it’s me! It’s my little paws tap, tap, tapping away on this little computer.  Jules is far too busy to be writing blogs – she has over […]

New friends

We’ve got some new hogs coming into Prickles soon…can’t wait to meet them! New chums to natter to. The People Thingys have been really busy…all the shelves that our little crates sit in have been moved around because I think they need more room. There are 114 hogs in Prickles at the moment which I’m […]


Hello everyone. I’m really sorry that I’ve not been on the blog very much this evening but I have been very busy trying to make new friends…I think I’ve confused Lola because she thinks that I already have lots of friends.  She doesn’t understand my new way of life sending little stories out on this computer…and […]