Another giggle….

Sorry everyone but Alvin is driving us hogs crazy tonight with his new hoggie giggles… He’s not even touched his cat meat yet saying the same giggles again and again then rolling round his crate.. Charlie from up above hasn’t stopped moaning and is just about pulling out his spines… I’ve told Alvin that I would […]

Houdini hog…

Morning everyone Amidst all of the People Thingys doing their Spring clean yesterday we had some more of the Big Sleep hogs come back into Prickles from the special outside place.They are always quite sleepy when they first come in so it can take a little time for them to get settled and start chatting. […]

A nice surprise…

You might be wondering why I’ve not been tip tapping much well I’ve just got to tell you why… There I was this morning having a big stretch after a lovely snooze when I spotted a couple of yummy chicken cat biscuits  under my water bowl – so I just knew that this was going […]

Dancing hogs

There’s another great thing about the brilliant papery stuff in our crates that’s just had us hogs rolling about with the giggles this morning!! Well, I’ve got to tell you when the People Thingys are cleaning out our crates every morning the clean papery stuff just goes everywhere… Sometimes you can barely see the floor when […]