Big Appeal!!!

There has been lots of People Thingys chatting about something called the Prickles Big Appeal and at last I’ve finally found out what it is…. This is sooo exciting!!! As you know Prickles has helped so many of us hogs. They’ve rescued us when we’re poorly, helped us to get better and then let us […]

Roll up, roll up

I’ve just overheard some People Thingys talking about something they are doing tonight. Up in the gorge in Cheddar (that’s near where we live at Prickles I think), there is a big Festive Night with lots of pretty things around, People Thingys selling nice Christmas things… Prickles Hedgehog Rescue will be running a little stand […]

It’s not her….it’s me!

I overheard some of the People Thingys this morning talking about Jules, the founder of Prickles, being asked when she was writing my blog…. It’s not her – it’s me! It’s my little paws tap, tap, tapping away on this little computer.  Jules is far too busy to be writing blogs – she has over […]

It’s all go…!

Having put my little paws up yesterday to have a little rest from typing, it all starts again! There were another 3 little hogs that came in yesterday: Templecombe, Bristol and Bath!  I should have a little map of Somerset on here and start hog-pinning them all so that you can see how far and […]


Wow….I’m not sure I’m going to say ever again that my world is quiet…it’s not dropping water from the Upstairs…but it seems to be dropping hogs into Prickles…. You may have seen from the Prickles updates on Facebook today that there have been lots of new hogs arriving over the last two days – 16 […]