To blog or not to blog..

Put my paws up and ended up having a little snooze!! Now where was I…. So we waved off the back to the  Big World hogs, and the People Thingys carried on doing that Spring cleaning thing. A bit later another People Thingy came in with a hog that had been for it’s Big Sleep […]

Falling asleep on the job

I thought I’d update you on a couple of my chums from Prickles that you might remember from before my Big Sleep. With so many hogs here now it’s been tricky trying to speak to everyone  – it can get really noisy when all the People Thingys aren’t around and everyone’s chatting. Also we don’t […]

Not long now

Morning Everyone After counting those mealworms the other day, I was sitting here in my crate counting the number of days we all have until Christmas….it’s only 8….I’m really surprised. I thought it was far, far away but it’s quite close. All the People Thingys here at Prickles have been working ever so hard lately […]

Counting mealworms

Hello everyone You’ve probably all been wondering what I have been up to all day….my little paws haven’t been tapping away very much. I will let you into a secret; I have been counting mealworms. One of the People Thingys gave me extra portions this morning for my breakfast and I enjoyed my cat meat […]


I wanted to introduce you to one of my chums here at Prickles – People Thingys, I present to you: Horace, the super-mealworm-loving wonder hog with his crate buddy, Eddy. But let’s not tell him I said that….he might get big headed! These two are very naughty, very cheeky and permanently hungry….!!

Cat meat…..mmmmm

All the People Thingys have been talking today in the Hogspital about what they want for Christmas….us hogs have been having a little chat… I think the top thing we want for Christmas is cat meat. We can’t get enough of it. We all know Horace and Eddy love the mealworms, but I admit to […]