Rhyming Hog

I’ve spent a long time this morning thinking up a little poem. I hope you like it: Us hedgehogs at Prickles We’re safe, warm and fed, By the People Thingys tirelessly working. In our own little crates We think it’s just great, Through the nice times and even when hurting. With a fleece blanket cover […]

Six more…

And the brood of hogs here at Prickles just keeps getting bigger… Another six have arrived today, all before 11.00am, too! Let’s hope we get our new crates soon so that we have somewhere for them to go! Hope your Monday is going well – I’ve been watching the Bright Thing come out in the […]

Crate Expectations

Gosh it’s been a busy day here at Prickles. One of my favourite People Thingys visited us today and took lots of photos of us in our little crates; she has promised that I can include them in my little notes on here – watch this space! And I have some very exciting news about […]


I have just quickly looked at how many People Thingys have been looking at my little blog – 11,334 hits so far! Crumbs….that’s a lot of times that People Thingys have visited to read my stories. I really hope that perhaps some of these kind People Thingys will donate to Prickles and help them care […]