Hogging all over the Big World…

I’ve been so pleased that my little blog is being so successful – nearly 18,000 hits  now… It makes my spines tingle it’s so exciting!!! Every day there are new visitors from different places out there in the Big World , in just the last two days there have been hits from Australia, New Zealand, […]


I have just been told that the Festive Night in Cheddar last night raised £229.00!!! All from a tombola! (have no idea what this is!) Thank you to everyone who took part – keep your eyes and ears peeled for more Prickly fundraising things….I think there might be some exciting things going on! Catch you […]

Roll up, roll up

I’ve just overheard some People Thingys talking about something they are doing tonight. Up in the gorge in Cheddar (that’s near where we live at Prickles I think), there is a big Festive Night with lots of pretty things around, People Thingys selling nice Christmas things… Prickles Hedgehog Rescue will be running a little stand […]

Linking Hog

I have been so excited by some places on the computer today that have written nice things about Prickles Hedgehog Rescue – and about me! – that I thought I would tell you about them. Cheddar Valley Gazette have written about a horrible case of children locally in Axbridge using us hogs as little footballs. […]

Welcome, Westie!

We have welcomed a new little girl hog today called Westie.  She’s really sweet – very small – and she has a lovely little smile.  I hope that once she has settled in a bit, we can become friends. She came from Frome – gosh, there there seems to be lots of little hogs out […]

Mistaken identity

Morning everyone We had a funny moment here last night at Prickles.  It was a case of “mistaken identity”! Two little hogs were brought into us, one from Shepton Mallet and one from round here in Cheddar.  The People Thingys were really sure that one of them was a little one called Watney.  He had […]

Welcome, Urchin!

Just a very brief note to welcome Urchin who has just arrived at Prickles from Frome. I didn’t really get a chance to meet Urchin properly and so I don’t know very much about them – I don’t even know if we have a new little girl or boy in the centre! I will update […]