A lucky escape

I’ve been chatting to another new chum today called Joe, he’s from Axbridge. Poor Joe came in a couple of nights ago really late. He was in a terrible state and had to be taken straight to the Hoggie Healers (I think Jules calls them Langford vets?? – she says they are amazing!) Joe told […]

We like being Wild

Morning everyone Gosh, isn’t it chilly out there?  I’m looking out from my lovely warm little crate to the see-through to the Big World and everything is covered in white stuff.  Us hogs don’t normally get to see the Big World so cold because we should be enjoying our Big Sleep right now. Sitting here […]

Welcome, Westie!

We have welcomed a new little girl hog today called Westie.  She’s really sweet – very small – and she has a lovely little smile.  I hope that once she has settled in a bit, we can become friends. She came from Frome – gosh, there there seems to be lots of little hogs out […]