Hoggie byes!!!!

Stop Press and a drum roll please…. I am going back to the Big World today!!!!!! I’m so excited my little hoggie heart feels like it’s about to burst…. I’ve just overheard the People Thingys chatting and it’s too chilly for letting hogs go back to the Big World by themselves for now, but I’m going […]

Hogging all over the Big World…

I’ve been so pleased that my little blog is being so successful – nearly 18,000 hits  now… It makes my spines tingle it’s so exciting!!! Every day there are new visitors from different places out there in the Big World , in just the last two days there have been hits from Australia, New Zealand, […]

Questions please…

Crumbs…. I’ve had lots of People Thingys sending  me lovely messages –  thankyou Lori, helenafiona, Gillian and athenah2so4 to name a few!! It’s so nice to hear that you are enjoying my little blogs again, I was so worried that everyone would have forgotten about me since I went for my Big Sleep. I’d love […]

New Blog Coming Soon

In Crispian’s absence whilst he hibernates, we would like to remind his faithful followers that a new blog from Prickles Hedgehog Rescue will be launching on 01 January 2013. Please pop onto this new blog: pricklytalesblog.wordpress.com and keep up to date with stories from Prickles, written by Crispian’s chums who have all now learnt how […]

Wonderful donation!

A very quick thank you to the kind People Thingy from Australia who sent a donation of £40.00 last night! I think that’s quite a bit of money and will definitely get us some more cat meat. I’m not sure where this is, though…Luna seemed to think it was the other side of the world […]


I have just quickly looked at how many People Thingys have been looking at my little blog – 11,334 hits so far! Crumbs….that’s a lot of times that People Thingys have visited to read my stories. I really hope that perhaps some of these kind People Thingys will donate to Prickles and help them care […]

Facebook Followers!

Wow – I’ve just seen that I have 400 followers now on Facebook….that’s really exciting! Not sure I can get my little head down now I’m so chuffed! Please keep sharing my little blog with as many of your little friends as possible – I’d really like more and more People Thingys to know about […]