A lucky escape

I’ve been chatting to another new chum today called Joe, he’s from Axbridge. Poor Joe came in a couple of nights ago really late. He was in a terrible state and had to be taken straight to the Hoggie Healers (I think Jules calls them Langford vets?? – she says they are amazing!) Joe told […]

Tiny Hog

I meant to tell you about our new little hog that arrived last night. Mind you, it was fairly easy for me to miss her completely she is soooo tiny. She came into Prickles weighing only 158gms which is so so light for a hog. She isn’t very well and has worms but I know […]

Four More

Crumbs….four more little hogs in today. They’ve come from all over the place; Nailsea, Bishops Lydeard, Langport and Bristol. All little hogs were in need of help and were brought in by wonderful People Thingys.  They all had hoggie worms which needed special things to make them better.  They should all be feeling more themselves […]

Don’t be a Hog-Hero

The People Thingys at Prickles have asked me to put a note about other People Thingys trying to help hogs. They are becoming really concerned that more and more People Thingys are trying to do their best for hogs that they find but they don’t take them to a special rescue centre like Prickles and […]

What a Star….

And no, I’m not writing about myself!!! We have a new little hog into Prickles from Portishead…that’s not far up the road from my stomping ground according to one of the People Thingys. She is called Star.  She wasn’t very well at all when she arrived and I confess to being very worried about her. […]

Crispian turns Free Range

One of the People Thingys said today that I had gone “Free Range”….the Clucky Things with feathers get to do that I think somewhere…makes them lay better eggys. The People Thingys wanted to let me stretch my little legs for a bit and they put me on the floor of the Hogspital and let me […]