I’m still here!

Hello everyone I’ve been a little bit slow on the blogging today…so much going on! We have had a further 4 little hogs come into Prickles today. I’m not sure where they’ve been rescued from, but I know that they are really small. I like the really small hogs – they’re great fun and tear […]

Tiny Babies

Ahhhh – I never get tired of meeting new little hogs, especially really tiny ones! Ickle and Tickle have arrived into Prickles from Frome.  They are really small – I could have missed them in their crates had it not been for them tearing around.  They’re really funny and move really fast!  I think they’re […]

Chewing and coughing

Updates – little Butcombe is doing really well this morning, eating lots – he’s nearly as noisy as Horace when he’s tucking into his mealworms. However, worrying times for little Eddy.  He developed his little cough a few days ago – probably explain why he’s been so grumpy – and it got really bad yesterday. […]

Shuffle round

Just a little note to say things are being shuffled around here in the Hogspital…crates being moved, shelves re-positioned…I wonder what’s going on? Eddy was moaning that it was proving tricky for him to sleep and I told him that it was exciting….I think something’s happening….but what?! Watch this space! Catch you again soon. Love […]

Urchin Update

Little Urchin, our new little hog here at Prickles today, has finally come out of its fleece for dinner and I can confirm that we have a new little girl!  How lovely! She’s very sweet and very small – one of the People Thingys said she was only 220 grams (not much of a bag […]

No milk for me

Hello everyone I hope all my wonderful People Thingy followers are a little bit drier this morning.  It was so soggy yesterday – we couldn’t understand how much water could come from the Upstairs. I wanted to remind you of something.  Lots of lovely People Thingys put bread and milk out for hogs in their grassy places and […]