To blog or not to blog..

Put my paws up and ended up having a little snooze!! Now where was I…. So we waved off the back to the  Big World hogs, and the People Thingys carried on doing that Spring cleaning thing. A bit later another People Thingy came in with a hog that had been for it’s Big Sleep […]

Hog blog-tastic!!

Crumbs… I just nearly choked on my cat meat (in fact I did spray a tiny bit on my keyboard…) Over 20,000 hits on my blog!!! My little hoggie heart is just bursting with pride – thanks everyone me and my chums here are so chuffed that you keep reading about our adventures here at […]

Froomey news..

Morning everyone Can you believe it…  Just after me tip tapping that yesterday was a quiet day here  at Prickles –  what do you know another hog comes in!!! More exciting than that this hog from Frome (yes, yet another one…) knows Froomey!!! Just after he had settled down in his crate and the People […]