Cover hogs!!

I’m getting a bit of a ribbing about my little photo shoot this afternoon from the other hogs, so I thought that I would post some snaps of a couple of them so they quieten down… Here is Oscar he came back into Prickles yesterday for his once over, we’ve all been calling him a […]

Hog blog-tastic!!

Crumbs… I just nearly choked on my cat meat (in fact I did spray a tiny bit on my keyboard…) Over 20,000 hits on my blog!!! My little hoggie heart is just bursting with pride – thanks everyone me and my chums here are so chuffed that you keep reading about our adventures here at […]

Questions please…

Crumbs…. I’ve had lots of People Thingys sending  me lovely messages –  thankyou Lori, helenafiona, Gillian and athenah2so4 to name a few!! It’s so nice to hear that you are enjoying my little blogs again, I was so worried that everyone would have forgotten about me since I went for my Big Sleep. I’d love […]

What does it all mean?

I’ve not been tip tapping much I’ve been really busy – me and some chums have been trying to solve a little mystery that’s been puzzling us… Lots of things are different since I’ve been back at Prickles – lots more hogs, new People Thingys and our brilliant papery bedding to name a few.. Another […]

Over 16,000 hits

Us hogs at Prickles  have had such a good day today making up our hoggie giggles, it’s been so much fun. Poor Polly from Frome was laughing so hard she inhaled her dinner – we were all rolling around our crates when she started sneezing. Those mealworms went everywhere… she was so embarrassed!!! I’m a […]

April fools

All of the People Thingys have been in a funny mood this morning… They keep playing little tricks on each other and then shouting April Fool!! I think it’s like hoggie giggles, it’s got me thinking about my old chum Alvin – he really was a silly hog. Horace says he’s out in a special […]