So long soon??


It’s all go this morning!! A load of us hogs have already been in the funny bowl thing – the People Thingys call it weighing I think? I heard them say that I was a good weight whatever that means…

I have to be honest with you.. I’ve got a real feeling in my spines that today might be my turn to go back to the Big World. Do you know when you get that really excited bubbling in your tummy like something’s going to happen? I’ve had it since I got out my nest this morning…

Alvin says it’s wind from too much yummy cat meat but I’m not so sure.

Us hogs were chatting and we will never forget our time here at Prickles, the People Thingys are just amazing and never stop doing all they can to get us hogs well and back to the Big World – where we belong. Under the stars, snuffling out yummy food and doing our hoggie thing what hog could wish for more…

Catch you again soon


Crispian x


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