Hoggie byes!!!!

Stop Press and a drum roll please…. I am going back to the Big World today!!!!!!

I’m so excited my little hoggie heart feels like it’s about to burst…. I’ve just overheard the People Thingys chatting and it’s too chilly for letting hogs go back to the Big World by themselves for now, but I’m going to a one of those special places with the see through walls where some of us hogs had our Big Sleep.

This special place is right in my neck of the woods, and one of the Prickles People Thingys will be keeping an eye on me until it warms up and they’ll be putting  yummy food out for me every night – I’m so chuffed!!

Turns out Alvin can’t go back to his own neck of the woods as there’s lots of those metal boxes zooming up and down close by – so he’s coming with me (don’t worry I’ve hidden a couple of cat biscuits in my spines for putting in my ears if his hoggie giggles get too bad!!!)

I snapped Alvin the moment we heard. He leapt up in his crate with joy so high he nearly backflipped – check out that grin!!


The special boxes are ready so I think we’re off soon. Thanks for reading  everyone  it’s been fun being the only hog that blogs but I’m ready for my Big World adventures now!!!

Hoggie byes…..


Crispian x


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