New drivers..

I forgot to tell you about a whole bunch of new People Thingys that came into Prickles on Tuesday.

It’s always nice to see new faces, turns out that this lot were in training to become response drivers. I think they go out in those metal boxes and bring us poorly hogs back to Prickles.. Wow what an amzing job!!

Anyway we had a right giggle turns out part of this training(?) involves learning how to pick up us hogs..
It is tricky picking us up as we are very spikey especially when we curl up tight into a ball when we are frightened or unsure.
To be honest it’s okay in Prickles we know it’s all part of getting well, but in the wild we don’t like being picked up at all – we prefer our paws on the ground!!

Anyway me and Alvin were chosen to be the practice hogs.. Well one of the People Thingys was shaking so much when he held Alvin that it gave him the ticklies..

Poor Alvin – when us hogs get the ticklies we curl up but he didn’t want to hurt the People Thingy with his spines so he had to just stay still!!
Have you ever tried to stay still with the ticklies – poor hog!!

We’re all still giggling about it now!!

Catch you again soon


Crispian x


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