Good luck Daisy

Morning everyone,

Do you remember Daisy the Locking hog that came in with the bad cough? We’ve not heard her coughing  for ages and she was went back to the Big World yesterday.

Us hogs haven’t had chance to chat to her since she came into Prickles because she’s been in the Mummy room as the People Thingys thought that she might have mini hogs in her tummy.

I haven’t been in the Mummy room but it’s got a big wood swingy thing on it so the People Thingys can come in and out –  I’m guessing that you might like peace and quiet if you might be, or you are a Mummy??

Anyway as the People Thingys were giving her that final once over thing I got a quick snap of her to show you.


Can you see that her spines look all funny on her back? Listening to the People Thingys it turns out that she had what they call a strimmer injury and they can be really common with us hogs.

Crumbs… she had a very lucky escape, the People Thingys were saying that us hogs love snuffling around and making nests in the places where the strimmer things get used and we can be really badly hurt… Please check for us first!!

From all us hogs good luck Daisy

Catch you again soon


Crispian x


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