What hogs like…

I’ve just overheard a couple of People Thingys talking about what other People Thingys should feed us hogs when we’re in the Big World and I thought I should pass it on..

Please don’t ever put milk and bread out for us – we will eat it, (they don’t call us hogs for nothing) but it makes us really, really poorly.

Any chickeny (I think you call it poultry?) cat meat in jelly is really yummy, as are chickeny cat biscuits and of course Horace’s old favourite mealworms (he would be really huffy out there in the Big World if I didn’t mention them!)

We get pretty thirsty too, so a lovely drink of water is much appreciated too.

I hope that’s helpful, there’s lots of interesting stuff about us hogs on the Prickles website if you’ve not seen it why not take a look if you’ve not seen it …. http://www.prickleshedgehogrescue.org.uk

Catch you again soon


Crispian x


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