Look at me now!!!

Crumbs…. I’m a little embarrassed I’ve had soo many lovely messages from my readers saying that they will miss my little blog when it’s my turn to go back to the Big World and wishing me lots of luck.

To think that there are so many People Thingys out there that care about us hogs and are looking out for us on in the Big World makes us so glad..

I’ve been asked for a new snap of myself to show you what I look like now.. it’s really hard to snap yourself isn’t it?? I got my spines in a right twist..

Luckily the People Thingys have been taking a few snaps of me too (the other hogs have been pulling my paw about that as you can imagine!!) so I’ve used one of theirs


Haven’t I grown!!!! It’s hard to believe I was that little hog that came in that crisp packet isn’t it…

Have a good day

Catch you again soon


Crispian x


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