To blog or not to blog..

Put my paws up and ended up having a little snooze!! Now where was I….

So we waved off the back to the  Big World hogs, and the People Thingys carried on doing that Spring cleaning thing.

A bit later another People Thingy came in with a hog that had been for it’s Big Sleep in a special outside place. It was settled into it’s crate but didn’t even venture out of it’s nest at tea time…

Much later most of us hogs were snoozing, it was really late when I woke up to a crunching from the new crate (have you heard us hogs eating -it’s loud!!)
I managed to peer in and you’re just not going to believe this..

It was Eddy who I left my keyboard with when I went for my Big Sleep!!!

He saw me and just hung his little hoggie head in shame – poor hog he was soo embarrassed at going into his Big Sleep when he’d promised to carry on with my blog!!

We chatted for ages he was so relieved that I wasn’t in a huffy with him.

Eddy asked if I was I planning on passing my keyboard on when it’s my turn to back into the Big World again..
I have to say I’ve thought about it a lot and I’ve decided not to.
I think maybe I am the only hog meant to blog after all…

We stayed up for ages chatting and having a giggle – Alvin joined in he’s renamed Eddy the fell asleep on the blog hog – it was so funny!!

Catch you again soon


Crispian x


2 thoughts on “To blog or not to blog..

    • Hi joy i’ve really enjoyed blogging whilst I’ve been here at Prickles… but I’m going to be far too busy doing my hoggie thing when I’m back in the Big World!!
      Crispian x

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