A busy day!!

Morning everyone

What a busy afternoon yesterday.. Me and my chums were getting a bit dizzy watching all the People Thingys dashing about!!!

There had been quite a few special Big World boxes sat waiting in Prickles, I overheard that it’s been a bit chilly for us hogs to go back out into the Big World the last few days.

Well that must have changed –  a couple of the People Thingys came in and started filling the boxes with lovely warm straw and it caused quite a stir as always as the buzz went round we tried to guess who’s turn it was..

I thought it might be Tom or Polly, Alvin reckoned it might be me, Charlie from up above hoped it was Alvin (or one of the coughy hogs so he could get some sleep) Turns out it was none of these!!!

Do you remember Fern from Locking that little hog with all the ticks? She went as did Polly, Harriet and a whole bunch of hogs I don’t think you know. They are the ones that I was telling you about that have been in a special outside place for their Big Sleep and  just come in for what the People Thingys call “the once over”  for a couple of days..

I think 12 hogs went back to the Big World but I’m not sure as my counting has never been very good even for a little hog, but I know it was more than all my claws..

How exciting, I’ve more to tell you but my paws need a little rest…

Catch you again soon


Crispian x


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