Froomey news..

Morning everyone

Can you believe it…  Just after me tip tapping that yesterday was a quiet day here  at Prickles –  what do you know another hog comes in!!!

More exciting than that this hog from Frome (yes, yet another one…) knows Froomey!!!

Just after he had settled down in his crate and the People Thingys left we heard the most awful coughing, almost drowned out the sighs from Charlie from up above….

Anyway, a bit later we heard some rustling from the new crate and the hog started chatting. Turns out Herbie’s known Froomey for ages even before she came to Prickles  and had seen her only the night before (put our minds at rest that she hadn’t made an escape on her way back!!)

Us hogs don’t tend to chat much in the Big World so he didn’t know any more than that, but it was so lovely to hear that she was back in her own neck of the woods doing her hoggie thing…

Started all us hogs chatting about  the Big World and guessing who would be going back next…  Joe that hog that  got bitten by the big furry (he’s so much better now) is hoping it’s Alvin seems the constant giggling is driving him up his crate…

Catch you again soon


Crispian x



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