Another giggle….

Sorry everyone but Alvin is driving us hogs crazy tonight with his new hoggie giggles…

He’s not even touched his cat meat yet saying the same giggles again and again then rolling round his crate.. Charlie from up above hasn’t stopped moaning and is just about pulling out his spines…

I’ve told Alvin that I would share his giggles with you and he’s promised to have his tea and settle down – us hogs really don’t understand what’s funny but perhaps you will so here they are..

When does a hedgehog go moo ?

When it’s learning a new language!!!

Have you heard about the non commital hog?

She’s hedging her bets!!

Alvin still thinks he’s a great comedian, I’m not sure myself –  what a silly hog!!

Catch you again soon


Crispian x


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