Little Annie

Just managed to have a little chat with the new hog that came in a couple of days ago.

Us hogs have been a little worried as she’s not really left her nest since she came in not even at tea time, any hog that can resist a yummy Prickles supper must be really poorly. Charlie from up above caught a quick glimpse of her last night but that’s been about it.

Anyway the People Thingys had not long  finished cleaning our crates and doing more of this Spring clean business when I heard crunchy noise coming from her crate…

She is a small, cute and very shy little hog from Frome (yes another one from that top hogspot) called Annie.

She said that she had been poorly for a while and no matter how much she ate she kept getting more skinny and feeling worse. One night she had just been feeding in a People Thingys garden when she saw a little basket with a fluffy fleece in it. She felt so tired and cold that she got in and snuggled down.

Turns out the basket belonged to one of the People Thingys that work at Prickles who found her and saw that she was poorly, then brought her straight in …. What a lucky hog!!!

I asked her if I could take a snap for you but she’s very shy, perhaps she will feel a bit  braver later…

Catch you again soon


Crispian x


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