Houdini hog…

Morning everyone

Amidst all of the People Thingys doing their Spring clean yesterday we had some more of the Big Sleep hogs come back into Prickles from the special outside place.They are always quite sleepy when they first come in so it can take a little time for them to get settled and start chatting. They usually show their noses for tea time though and last night was no different…

Well there I was munching on my yummy cat meat (I’ve taken to leaving that till last recently –  I think it’s even more my favourite than mealworms now!) when a little shout went out from Alvin next door – look, look  Froomeys back…

And there she was that amazing old lady hog, busy munching on her cat biscuits (her teeth are amazing) she looked really well..

After tea when it was starting to get dark  some of the newer hogs that hadn’t met Froomey started asking her loads of questions about her famous big escape, and bless her she even started to give them a little run through of how she climbed her crate..

Just as she had climbed up the side  the lights went on  and two of the People Thingys came into Prickles, luckily Froomey just had time to jump down and get in her nest…

The People Thingys went straight to Froomeys crate and I saw them check the catch on the door on the top – seems the People Thingys haven’t forgotten about her adventures either and had come in to check!!

Us hogs had a good giggle and I think Froomey was secretly quite chuffed to be remembered by everyone!!

Catch you again soon


Crispian x


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