Farewell Horace

Stop press…..

Drum roll please – I am proud to announce that Horace the Hungry has gone  back to the Big World today!!!!

Us hogs knew that some of us would be going  as the People Thingys were preparing lots of special  boxes this morning…

It started us chatting about what we are looking forward to most about going back into the Big World..

Horace of course went on and on about all his favourite foods, he kept changing his mind about whether he likes slugs or beetles the best and which he would choose for his first Big World tea…

Well just as he was changing his mind for the thirteenth time one of the People Thingys called out his crate number, Horace quickly looked up, went under his nest and came out with a mouth full of mealworms, all this time he’s had a secret stash in there – naughty hog!!

We said a quick hoggie  bye  before one of the People Thingys  put Horace in his special box and  just after the People Thingys that found him came to take him back to Frome.

Just as he was leaving it went  really quiet in Prickles.

Then there was this really loud crunch crunch as Horace started on his secret stash – typical Horace, us hogs had a right giggle!!

Catch you again soon


Crispian x


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