Big Appeal!!!

There has been lots of People Thingys chatting about something called the Prickles Big Appeal and at last I’ve finally found out what it is….

This is sooo exciting!!!

As you know Prickles has helped so many of us hogs. They’ve rescued us when we’re poorly, helped us to get better and then let us go back to the Big World (over 680 of us in the last year)
There have been many a crate crisis, struggles for space and still more and more hogs coming in.

Turns out the People Thingys have launched an appeal so that Prickles can move to a bigger place!!!

The People Thingys want the new place to be able to help even more hogs, with a special place for Mummys and babies, somewhere for little People Thingys to learn all about us hogs and so much more…

To do all of this the People Thingys need lots of help from everyone out in the Big World – if you would like to help you can find out more on the Prickles website –

Catch you again soon


Crispian x

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