Not sad we’re glad…

Sorry I’ve not been tip tapping too much today, but I’ve  been  busy watching two of the People Thingys getting the hogs ready that are going back to the Big World today…

They spend a lot of time giving each  hog what they call the last once over (?) before snuggling them up in the box full of lovely straw. Larry and Charlotte even managed to give us a sly wave as they rushed  in!!

What makes us hogs giggle is that the People Thingys say something different to every hog as it goes into it’s Big World box… Something like have a good life, or be safe out there.. and then a People Thingy they call Bazza (I’m not sure if that’s his real name) comes and collects the boxes.

Me and Horace were chatting this morning and it’s funny you know, it’s not at all sad seeing our chums leaving . We know we’ll miss them and that our time  together at Prickles has been very special, but all us hogs are looking forward to getting back and doing our hoggie thing –  snuffling around under the stars back out in the Big World where we belong.

Catch you again soon


Crispian x


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