More hogs out?

Quite a stir going on this afternoon in Prickles…

The People Thingys have been saying that the Frome hogs may go into the Big World today – Frome Freddie’s not even built his crate nest for tonight he’s so excited that he might be on his hoggie way!!

Anyway, it’s got me and my chums thinking about old girl Froomey and wondering if we’ll see her again – she was last seen going to the special outside place for her Big Sleep.

We’ve been telling the new hogs about her escaping from her crate – do you remember that it was so funny.
Being the professional escapologist she is we wonder if she may have a final trick up her furry sleeve…

All this talk of the Big World and Froomey’s adventure has put a real air of mischief amongst some of the hogs – I can feel it in my spines…
I hope the People Thingys are on their toes!!

Catch you again soon


Crispian x


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